Training Platform for Developers

How it works

  • Create your startup from idea to MVP
  • Get application development experience
  • Explore new technologies and frameworks
  • Practice on real tasks with your favorite tools


Immerse yourself in Startup's world

  • Choose the Startup Idea.
  • Develop it to a full MVP version.
  • Become a member of the cross-functional team.
  • Start the development process.
  • Solve design challenges, learn technologies.
  • Gain social programming skills and a ready-made product.

Gain experience in creating Projects

Our goal is to emulate the real atmosphere of a startup so that developers can explore new technologies, practice real-world tasks and create their own product before implementing it in the real world.

Practice real-world tasks

Choose technologies, frameworks and programming language for your web application right in the startup process, taking into account the specific requirements of your project and the strengths/weaknesses of the tools.

Use interesting technologies

You have found the ideal place to go from discussing an idea and developing a prototype to creating a minimum viable product, to pump up your hard and soft skills, to meet like-minded people. Participate in the project for at least one hour a day or five hours in a week and soon you will see the result you like very much. And why not launch your project on Product Hunt?