Startup "Flower Watering"

Flower Watering Reminder Application

The Goal

The Goal is to solve the problem of plant care. We will implement an application that will remind us of each of the necessary actions.

Workflow structure

  • 3 months / 6 iterations
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Demo
  • Code review
  • Q/A session
  • Meetings

Improve your skills

Technology: in software we have to learn new technologies all the time; deep understanding of the technology comes in practice.

Problem-Solving: recognize the problem, define it, develop a strategy to fix it and monitor your progress.

Team player: we building a cross-functional team; it is leading to better decision making and a higher productive.

The rules:

  • apply for a startup;
  • participate in the life of the project 1 hour a day or 5 hours a week;
  • select a role in the team (composition: from 1 to 7 developers);
  • if you want to try yourself at managing teams, go to the How it Works;
  • solve the tasks set for the team, record the time of work on a startup in a time tracking program;
  • join the team and get access to the list of tasks, team chat, UX information, epics;

Who's It For?

  • Web Developers;
  • Full Stack Developers;
  • Front-end Developers;
  • Back-end Developers.


Junior, Middle, Senior, Lead

Start Date

14 Jul 2020


3 months



Andrey Kucherenko

Andrey Kucherenko

Andrey Kucherenko

Andrey Kucherenko

An engineer, an architect, an author of open source project jscpd. Andrey has been working in IT for 18 years. He participated in the big amount of projects from different domain arias, he developed and conducted a lot of training for engineers. He was a speaker at international and local conferences. There are main arias of his interests: frontend, backend, architecture, mobile, methodologies of software development, code quality.


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